There are a couple of problems that are quite common with the XPS 13, but unfortunately, the only solution for these issues is to wait for an official OS update or BIOS update. Listed below are these problems. Repeated Key presses - Many users have come across the problem of repeated key presses, leading them to make typos like "ranndom ...
geschrieben am 13.06.2015 Schlagwörter: BIOS, efi, tastenkombination, tastenkombinationen, uefi Möchte man eine Neuinstallation durchführen oder sein Betriebssystems reparieren, dann ist häufig der Zugriff auf das BIOS, das Boot Menü oder die Recovery Partition unumgänglich.
I'll receive my new XPS 15 soon. I plan to do a full disk images of the system at various points during my setup and installation (of software, etc.) by booting from an Acronis True Image recovery CD, to image the XPS's drive to create a backup image on an external HD.
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