29-Hitachi Mri & GE MRI all model software loaded hard disk 30 -Hitachi Mri airis 1, airis 2, GE profile all coils 31-GE Profile MRI table board INTF assy 32-Hitachi Mri GE MRI heater coils 35V30/15/40w, 48V 36W 33-Airis 1 MRI El display, monitor, keyboard 34-Hitachi Mri airis 1 consol board ADBM, PSC2, CP, HIPDM, HIP, ALIIF, HDSP5A, HBCON
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MRI Technical Operations Manual Version 4.0 28.June 3 PPMI DTI Operations Manual Final Version 7.0 20.January.2015 1 FUNCTIONAL MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING A non-contrast enhanced, T2 weighted brain MRI using at least a 1.5 Tesla scanner MRI Technical Operations Manual Final Version 7.0 20.January User Manual For Mri Software.
MRI Acquisition. Imaging was conducted on either a 1.5 T GE Signa scanner (55 patients) or a 3 T GE Excite scanner (5 patients). High-resolution, T1-weighted anatomical reference images of the entire brain were acquired with a spoiled-gradient-echo (“SPGR”) sequence.